About us

Bodhikaram Temple is a Cambodian Temple located in Ottawa city, Ontario province, Canada. It has come to life for Cambodian Community in Ottawa since 2006. This page is created to provide some information and activities in this temple. Please feel free to visit our pages at www.bodhikaram.com   our blog: http://bodhikaram.blogspot.com our facebook pag: facebook.com/bodhikaram our video page: youtube.com/watbodhikaram !!! Short Biography of our temple in Khmer.  May all beings be blessed with peace and happiness!

Photos of Events

One response to “About us

  1. Ven. Dr. Vira Avalokita, Sangha Thera

    Dear Dharma Brothers Greeting from Cambodia. I am very happy to see your page. I will send you some attachments about my work with Khmer monks, I have been here 14 years, I just returned from India where I was for 7 months doing research. My e-mail address is avalokita.vira@gamil.com Ven Dr. Vira Avalokita, Sangha Thera.

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