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Yearly Events 2013 of Bodhikaram Temple

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Magha Puja Ceremony Feb.14, 2013

Magha Puja is organized to commemorate two important events on full moon day of the month Magha (Lunar calendar) in the Buddha’s life, i.e. The Fourfold Assembly and The Rejection to the aggregates of life. Read more…

The Buddhist Lent (បុណ្យចូលព្រះវស្សា)

The Board of Directors of the Mondul Ottawa KhmerBuddhist Monastery will be celebrating the Buddhist Lent ceremony (Bonn Chol Vossa) at the date and location below:

Date: Saturday Morning, July 29, 2012
Location: Bodhikaram Temple, 1197 Deer Park Road, Ottawa, Ontario

-9:00 am: Arrival of guests
-9:30 am: Paying respects to the Triple Gem and taking the Five Precepts.
-10:00 am: Putting alms into alms-bowl, Food offering to th Buddhist Monks.
-11:30 am: Blessing given by the monks, Lunch of monks, Dhamma Lecture.
-12:00 am Communal Lunch.

Please come and join us in this Buddhist Lent Ceremony order to perform the merit for your present and future happy life. May peace and happiness be upon you and your family!

Thank You!!!

Download flyer as Khmer and English

What we’re doing is for mankind!

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